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YOUMAY New Style Heater Quality and Advantages Description

1. Design Concept of YOUMAY Aluminum Heater, Radiator and Electric Heater
Designed with energy saving, environmental protection, beauty and utility in mind, YOUMAY heaters are energy efficient, eco friendly, and feature European style, three-dimensional shape and smooth line. Our heaters can perfectly integrate into your houses to achieve personalized, fashionable and simple decoration.

2. Materials
Our heater and radiator are manufactured from low carbon steel and aluminum material which provides good thermal dissipation performance. The steel material meets the requirement of GB/T3091-2001, and the thickness of steel pipes is more than 1.8mm. The aluminum material meets the requirement of GB/T5237-2000.

3. Technological Process of Aluminum Heater
(1) Welding
Connection of heater adopts supersonic automatic welding without solder joint, resulting in even and smooth welding.
(2) Surface Painting
After strict pretreatment, every unit of heater or radiator applies electrostatic powder spray painting on the surface, which is very smooth and flat after painting. After being solidified under high temperature of 200℃, the painting film has features of strong adhesive force and good shock resistance.
(3) Corrosion Resistance
As the inside painting of most ordinary heaters is easy to scale off and be corroded, combined with the difference of water quality in various areas, we developed preservative A-521 which meets the features of water quality in China. It can integrate with metal elements of heaters and form a unique protective film which is acid, alkali, abrasion proof, high temperature resistance and well-distributed, thus greatly prolonging service life of metal.
(4) Quality Test
Before being delivered to customers, YOUMAY die casting aluminum radiators, electric heaters or heat exchangers must undergo strict quality inspections. Pressure group testing is carried out after completion of heater or radiator welding and pretreatment of spray painting: keep the testing pressure at 2.2MPA for 30 seconds when test air pressure, heater or radiator itself doesn't bubble up; keep the testing pressure at 2.0MPA for 30 seconds when test hydraulic pressure, the heater doesn't leak. Adhesive force of painting film can achieve 1-3 grade, and there is no crack, wrinkle and peeling off when knocking it.

4. Quality Assurance of Aluminum Heater
YOUMAY die casting aluminum heaters or radiators are made of high quality, corrosion resistant aluminum and steel, which can be easily integrated with painting layer of surface so as to endure high temperature of 200℃. Our heaters are manufactured in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 standard. The test pressure is 2.2MPA and working pressure is 1.2-4.8MPA.

5. Testing Method
Adopt general measuring tools and special measuring tools to inspect dimensional tolerance of YOUMAY heaters or radiators.
Test of welding and painting quality.
Heat resistance test of painting film is carried out according to GB/T1735-1797.
Shock resistance test of painting film is carried out according to GB/T1732-1993.
Adhesive force test of painting film is conducted according to GB/T1720-1979.
Pressure test of heaters adopts special purpose test rig with both air pressure test and hydraulic pressure test, precision of manometer is not lower than 1.5. Heat dissipation capacity is tested according to international standard.

6. Heat Dissipation Capacity
Heat dissipation capacity of YOUMAY cast aluminum heaters, electric heaters or heat exchangers, is measured under the condition of inlet water temperature of 95℃, and outlet water temperature of 70℃, room temperature 18℃ and temperature difference △T=64.5℃. Minimum heat dissipation capacity meets the requirements in technical parameter table. Dimensions, form and location tolerance of YOUMAY's aluminum heater meet the standards of enterprise, central distance of interface is ±3.0MM, height ±5.0MM, width ±2.0MM, inlet and outlet flatness of corresponding flank ≤6.0MM, perpendicularity between inlet and outlet plane and center line≤3.0MM.

As an aluminium radiator manufacturer and supplier in China, we at YOUMAY have almost 30 years of experience in the production of heater, radiator or heat exchanger. As our aluminum radiator, bimetal radiator and heater are reliable, durable, economical, they are CE, ROHS certified, and are well received in Russia, Eastern Europe, Spain, Greece, Iran, Western Asia, among other countries and regions.
Located in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, we enjoy convenient transportation, which allows us to conveniently transport our products and effectively reduce our customers' international freight charges.
If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us! We are looking forward to serving you!

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