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How to Choose Radiators

5 Tips for Buying Radiators
1. Purchase radiators from a qualified enterprise. YOUMAY, an aluminum radiator manufacturer with about 30 years of experience, can provide you with high quality domestic radiators.
2. Before your purchase, you should consider a number of factors, for example, your residence's water quality, heating system (open or closed type) and heating mode (individual heating or district heating). Please pay attention to product service conditions and carefully read the product manual when buying a radiator.
3. Purchase radiators and their accessories from the same company so as to avoid the accidents caused by mismatch of the radiator and accessories during installation or use.
4. As the quality of radiators is only guaranteed by the manufacturer, you should check whether technical performances of radiators, like corrosion resistance and heat dissipation, meet the related standards. Ask the seller to provide product test reports.
5. Installation and maintenance of radiators should be carried out by professional personnel, such as installers from the manufacturer.

Panel Radiator, or Column Radiator?
Choosing a panel radiator or a column radiator is a perplexed question. Whether panel radiators or column radiators, they tend to transfer heat by two methods: convection and radiation. Thermal radiation refers to heat transfer in space by way of electromagnetic wave, and its heating range is relatively small, usually within 1 meter. Convection refers to that cold and hot air circulates through exposed pipes to achieve the heat dissipation purpose, and its heating range is larger than that of thermal radiation.
When using a panel radiator, a suction force can be produced due to its structural features, which helps improve effect of forced convention, thus increasing the comfort of heating. Hence, from the point of view of comfort, the panel radiator is superior to column radiator.
You can also choose a panel radiator and column radiator according to your actual needs. For a room with a small space, like bathroom, you can select column radiator. Because this wall mounting type radiator can not only save room space but also can be used to hang towel or small pieces of clothing through its horizontal column. For a room with a large space, we advise you to buy a panel radiator. With added convection panel, this domestic radiator can accomplish the best heat output by way of radiation and convection in the shortest time. Today, the convection radiator is the perfect product for use in large rooms. In addition, it can also be installed in places where conventional radiators are unsuitable for, thereby effectively saving room space. Presently, the anticorrosion problem of radiators has also been solved.

Main Quality Problems
1. Insufficient heat output of radiators can influence heating effect.
2. Unqualified accuracy of thread. The radiator uses threaded connection to form a circulating heating system. If the accuracy of thread doesn't meet the related requirement, the assembly of radiator will be influenced, resulting in such problems as leakage.
3. Dimension tolerance and geometric tolerance are ungraded, which will affect product assembly.

As an aluminium radiator manufacturer and supplier in China, YOUMAY is able to offer you a wide range of radiators or heat exchangers. Our domestic radiators are available in various specifications to suit your different requirements. Our products are CE, ROHS certified, and thus are well received in Spain, Greece, Iran, Western Asia, and North African countries.
If you have a need for a radiator or heater at an economical price, but with all the quality and reliability, please contact us. We look forward to doing business with you.

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  • Die Casting Aluminum Radiator The die casting aluminum radiator is made of world famous brand material: ADC12 aluminum, which is corrosion resistant and specially used for casting and molding.
YOUMAY is a hot water radiator manufacturer and supplier in China, YOUMAY offers various range of heating radiators such as cast aluminum hot water radiator, bimetal steel aluminum radiator, and kinds of home radiators. We have run home hot water radiator business more than 30 years. During 30 years, we have learnt how to manufacture high quality with low price home hot water radiator.