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How to Choose Radiators
Before your purchase, you should consider a number of factors, for example, your residence's water quality, heating system (open or closed type) and heating mode (individual heating or district heating). Please pay attention to product service conditions and carefully read the product manual when buying a radiator.

Induction Assembly
Please carefully read all instructions before assembly. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any failure resulting from improper assembly. In addition, the radiator manufacturer will also not be responsible for any unauthorized maintenance work. Do not isolate the heating radiator from the system by closing the water inlet and outlet valves.

Radiator Installation
If the wall behind is not sufficiently insulated, additional insulation must be provided in order to limit loss of heat to the outside;
Each radiator should adopt an air-bleed valve, the automatic type is better in the event that the radiator has to be isolated from the system;

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